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Salvador Dali photographed by Irving Penn
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Biologiska museet, Sweden


Wookjae Maeng

"Many artists have made work that communicates their thoughts and feelings about the social issues of their time. My works are in the same line and I hope that my works make small positive changes by giving people interest and stimulation.The theme of my work is to represent complex, ambiguous and uncomfortable relationships between man and other lives. Nature and animals has been an object of art for a long time. And, it will be continued until the fall of human being, although the point of view has been changed."


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A Victorian “poison ring” of 18k gold, with a central casket flanked by two ram’s heads (an occult symbol). The casket, which is enamelled in green and set with a large emerald, opens to reveal a sizeable inner chamber that would easily meet all your poison-storage needs.

Possible wedding ring so if the marriage doesn’t go so well I can just slip some poison in his morning coffee.
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1. belonging to a higher world; celestial.
2. situated above or beyond the moon.
Etymology: Latin super, “prefix for above, beyond, in addition, to an especially high degree” + lunary, from Latin lūnāris, “of the moon”, from lūna, “the moon”.